The Associated Students Legal Resource Center provides free legal consultations, education, and referrals to registered UCSB  students.

We are committed to advising students of all available legal options, and helping them find and achieve practical resolutions.


We offer information and support on a variety of issues, including:

  • MIP, Public Intoxication, Fake ID, noise violations and public urination citations

  • Security deposit disputes, evictions, habitability situations

  • Restraining orders, dissoultions

  • Vehicle accidents

  • Lease & rental Information, roommate conflicts

  • and more!

Service Limitations

We do not provide formal legal representation, but rather education, facilitation, and self-help services to assist help students to solve problems and obtain favorable results. The Associated Students Legal Resource Center is unable to advise on conflicts between two or more UCSB students, or between a student and the University.

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