_________ , 202X

Larry Landlord, 123 4th St, Pleasant Valley, CA 90000

RE: Request for California Civil Code 1950.5(f)(1) Initial Inspection of 6578 Mondrian Dr., Isla Vista, CA 93117

Dear Mr. Landlord:

As you know, our lease ends on ________________, 202x and we will be moving out.  We will be returning the unit to you as clean as we received it at the beginning of our tenancy. It will be  free of damage beyond ordinary wear and tear.  We therefore expect to receive a full refund of our security deposit of $ ____________.

California Civil Code 1950.5(f)(1) requires landlords to notify their tenant of their right to a pre-moveout inspection of their rental near the end of the lease. The purpose of the inspection is to give the tenant the opportunity to address any defects which the landlord believes would justify a deduction from the security deposit for cleaning or damage. Failure of the landlord to conduct the inspection if requested by the tenant amounts to a waiver of such deductions.

We, the tenants residing at the above address, request an inspection. At least one of us would like to present during the inspection and to receive the written list of potential deductions (if any are claimed). The law states that “the parties shall attempt to schedule the inspection at a mutually acceptable date and time” no earlier than the last two weeks of the tenancy.  We propose the following dates and times:

____________, 202x___    between  ____ am and  _____ pm


____________, 202x___    between  ____ am and  _____ pm

Please advise at your earliest opportunity when you would like to meet for the inspection.

Sincerely yours,

Terry Tenant